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"(We) were treated to an exciting program created by Olu Yemisi on Caribbean dance"..."
(We) were enthused and had a great time being introduced to these popular Caribbean
dances."--Ellen Pulupa

Performance in Baltimore Maryland

Above: A street festival in Washington D.C.

Top Left:A Montgomery County Festival; Top Right:A University Open House

Above: A festival in Washington D.C.

Above: Founders Day at the African American Civil War Memorial in Washington D.C.

Below: The Caribbean Heat Dance Festival.

"...dancing in Washington D.C., dancing from Maryland to Virginia, dancing inside the U.S.A., and touring around the world..."Olu Yemisi & Company Dancers; a Caribbean, Afro-Latin, African, and African American cultural dance company for hire. See us on tour.

"Never leave home without your black dance shoes because your black dance shoes got good news. Your black dance shoes will help you use your feet to dance in a lesson, a rehearsal, or a performance. Whatever you choose, don't leave home without your black dance shoes, and please don't loose your black dance shoes because you will have to move with or without your black dance shoes."-Olu Yemisi quote from "Teach Me A Dance Lesson"

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